Our Fees

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Our Fees

Here at Berks & Bucks Finance we want to be transparent with our fees from the very beginning.

This means no hidden costs or unwanted surprises during your mortgage journey.

If your case warrants a fee being charged then we will discuss options and agree before any work begins.

Our fee is payable prior to our research commencing. If you choose not to proceed after we have conducted our research then the fee is non-refundable.

How do mortgage brokers get paid?

Mortgage brokers will be paid a fee by the lender for arranging your mortgage with them. This is called a procuration fee and is usually a percentage of the loan that you took out with them. This is an arrangement between the lender and your broker and does not require any payment by you.However another fee may be received by a mortgage broker via a broker fee. This is paid by you (the client). 

Is it worth paying for a mortgage broker?

The short answer is yes. A mortgage broker will find you the best product available from a large variety of lenders which you wont have access to. This means more often than not the small amount you pay  for your brokers services will be recouped in the savings on your mortgages