Retirement Interest Only Mortgages (RIO)

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Why Choose RIO Mortgages?

RIO mortgages are more than just a financial tool; they are a path to financial freedom and peace of mind in retirement. With RIO mortgages, you can:

  • Access the equity in your home for a variety of purposes.
  • Enjoy financial flexibility without the need for monthly capital repayments.
  • Age in place and stay in the home you love.
  • Preserve your assets and investments for estate planning.
  • Tailor your retirement funding strategy to your unique needs and goals.

What is a Retirement-Interest Only (RIO)mortgage?

A Retirement-Interest Only (RIO) mortgage is a type of mortgage designed for the over 50s whether they are working, retirees or those nearing retirement. With a RIO mortgage, borrowers are not required to make monthly repayments toward the loan amount. Instead, they pay only the interest each month. The original loan is typically repaid when the property is sold, the homeowner moves into long-term care, or they pass away. A RIO Mortgage could last till Death of the homeowner.

Why individuals might consider accessing the equity in their homes:

To supplement retirement income and maintain a comfortable lifestyle during retirement

To consolidate and pay off high-interest debts, such as credit card balances or personal loans, resulting in lower monthly payments.

To invest in a Buy to Let Property purchase a second home, or even buy a Caravan.

To  buy Land to build a home

To help you buy the Motorhome or Car of your retirement dreams

To cover medical bills, long-term care, or healthcare-related costs for themselves or a family member.

To finance education expenses for themselves, their children, or grandchildren, such as college tuition or vocational training

To fulfill travel dreams, explore new places, and enjoy leisure activities during retirement.

To leave a financial legacy or provide financial support to heirs, beneficiaries, or charitable causes.

To establish or replenish emergency savings for unexpected expenses.

To buy out co-owners in a jointly owned property, providing full ownership to one party.

To facilitate equitable property division during divorce proceedings.

For individuals with interest-only mortgages (Mortgage Prisoners), who need to repay their outstanding Mortgage when the interest-only period ends and are being forced by their Banks to sell their properties.

During economic downturns or financial crises such as the present cost of Living crisis, some may tap into home equity as a financial cushion.

To fully pay off an existing mortgage and own the property outright.

To make home modifications or additions that accommodate changing needs due to aging or disabilities

To financially assist family members, such as adult children or parents, with their needs or goals.

To enhance their quality of life, achieve lifelong dreams, or enjoy a more comfortable retirement.

To pay an outstanding personal tax bill

It’s important to note that the decision to unlock home equity should be made carefully, considering individual financial goals, risks, and the potential impact on the homeowner’s overall financial well-being. Consulting with a financial advisor or mortgage expert is advisable to explore the best options and strategies for unlocking capital based on individual circumstances.

Can you get a mortgage on a Pension in the UK?

Yes you can, as with all Mortgages the amount of Mortgage will depend on your Affordability. However it is important that  RIO applicants  be able to provide evidence of affordability not just at the point of Application but through  Life retirement income and in the case of a Joint Mortgage be able to show affordability upon the death of a joint borrower

Who is eligible for a RIO mortgage?

RIO mortgages are typically available to individuals aged 50 and older. Who have income from?

  • Employment
  • Self Employed Trade:  Only 1-year accounts needed.
  • LTD Co or Partnerships Businesses:  Even Retired Directors of a Ltd Co or Partners still receiving Income or Dividends can be considered.
  • Pensions:  Private or Occupational Pension income taken into consideration.
  • Investments:  Income from Stocks & Shares, ISAs, Unit Trusts, Buy to Let properties are all considered.
  • Overseas Investments or Pensions
  • Benefit Income:  A range of Benefit incomes can be taken into consideration when assessing Affordability. 
  • Joint borrowers: Lenders will ensure the loan is affordable if either Borrower were to die

How long does a RIO mortgage last?

Generally, there is no term with a RIO Mortgage and can last all of your life last – till a life event happens which is Death or Customers moving into Care.

What are the benefits of a RIO mortgage?

The benefits of a RIO mortgage include no requirement for monthly capital repayments, so you only pay the interest payments meaning you get lower Monthly Mortgage payments this allows customers to free up equity in their homes whilst not suffering large Monthly Mortgage payments. It can be a flexible way to access funds for variety of reasons.

What are the risks associated with RIO mortgages?

The loan is typically repaid when the property is sold, the homeowner moves into long-term care, or they pass away. It’s essential to plan for this eventual repayment.

RIO mortgages can impact the size of the inheritance left to beneficiaries, as the Outstanding loan must be repaid from the property’s sale proceeds.

If interest rates rise significantly, the cost of borrowing through an RIO mortgage can increase over time.

Borrowers must ensure they can afford the monthly interest payments throughout their retirement, and in the case of a Joint Mortgage and death of one Partner, the remaining partner must be able to afford the ongoing Monthly Interest considering. They must plan for any potential changes in future income and expenses.

How is the interest on a RIO mortgage calculated?

Like other Mortgages RIO mortgage interest can be either fixed or variable, depending on the lender. Fixed-rate RIO mortgages have a consistent interest rate, while variable-rate RIO mortgages can change over time based on market conditions.

Can I make overpayments on a RIO mortgage?

Some RIO mortgage Lenders allow borrowers to make voluntary overpayments, reducing the loan amount and interest costs. Important you tell your mortgage broker at the onset so they can fit you in with a lender that have this important option.

What happens if I can't make the monthly interest payments?

Proper planning is important and you should not take out a RIO if you do not have a form of  consistent Income , however life events do happen that could cause financial problems, so some lenders will allow All borrowers to have a one-off payment break of up to 6-months to support them through a major life event (these outstanding payments can then be added onto the existing Mortgage  or a lump sum payment made).If you ever struggle to make the monthly interest payments, it’s crucial to contact your lender promptly.

When is the loan repaid on a RIO mortgage?

The loan is typically repaid when the property is sold, the homeowner moves into long-term care, or they pass away. The sale of the property should cover the original loan amount, including any accrued interest ( if any )

The loan is typically repaid when the property is sold, the homeowner moves into long-term care, or they pass away. The sale of the property should cover the original loan amount, including any accrued interest (if any).

Can I move home with a RIO mortgage?

This is called Porting and some RIO mortgages are portable, allowing you to transfer the mortgage to a new property if you decide to move. However, this is subject to the lender’s policies and approval.

Is there a maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for RIO mortgages?

LTV ratios can vary among lenders, but they are generally lower for RIO mortgages compared to traditional mortgages. Typically, the maximum LTV for RIO mortgages is around 50-65%, depending on the lender.

How do I apply for a RIO mortgage?

To apply for a RIO mortgage, you should contact a mortgage advisor. The application process for a RIO Mortgage is similar to other Mortgages and involves providing financial information:

    • Proof income, Proof of Pension Payments, or Investments. It is important that your Pension & Investment income are consistent and guaranteed and will carry on paying out till Death.
    • Have a list of your present debts.
    • A copy of your credit History, Whilst having a Good credit History will get you the best Deals, there are Lenders that will consider Applications from Customers with a Bad credit History
    • Armed with the above information your Mortgage Broker can take you through a RIO Mortgage affordability assessment to make sure that you can afford the monthly payments.
    • Applicants must be able to provide evidence of income to demonstrate that they can afford payments. Additionally, RIO applicants must be able to provide evidence of post-retirement income and be able to demonstrate affordability post-retirement, including upon the death of a joint borrower.

Are there fees associated with RIO mortgages?

Yes, as with most Mortgages, RIO mortgages may come with various fees, including arrangement fees, valuation fees, and legal fees. Additionally, some RIO mortgages may have early repayment charges if you decide to repay the loan early.

Can I get financial advice for RIO mortgages?

-It is highly recommended to seek independent financial advice when considering a RIO mortgage. A qualified mortgage advisor can help you navigate the complexities of these mortgages and make informed decisions.

What are the alternatives to RIO mortgages for releasing equity in retirement?


Capital Repayment Mortgage:

  • Payment Structure: Borrowers make monthly payments covering both interest and a portion of the Capital Borrowed. These payments gradually reduce the Borrowed balance over time, resulting in full loan repayment by the end of the term.
  • Borrower Profile: Individuals of all ages often choose Capital Repayment Mortgages, whether they are purchasing a home or refinancing an existing mortgage. It’s a suitable option for those aiming to build home equity and achieve full property ownership.
  • Loan Repayment: The homeowner repays the loan gradually throughout the mortgage term, which typically ranges from 10 to 40 years, ultimately leading to complete property ownership.

Retirement-Interest Only (RIO) Mortgage:

  • Payment Structure: RIO mortgages offer a distinct payment structure. Borrowers are only required to make monthly interest payments, leaving the Borrowed Amount untouched during the mortgage term. The full loan amount is typically repaid when the property is sold, this can happen when the homeowners either move into long-term care, or they pass away.
  • Borrower Profile: RIO mortgages are designed specifically for People from the age of 50 whether they are workers retirees or those approaching retirement age. RIO Mortgages look after the needs of individuals seeking to access home equity without being burdened by Large monthly repayments.
  • Loan Repayment: Loan repayment occurs under specific conditions, and not governed by a set time  period. It’s typically done by the sale of the property due to Homeowner moving into care or they pass away.

Case Example: The Dillon Family's Retirement Planning

Meet the Dillons, a couple in their mid-60s Mr Dillon works as a Finance Manager for a Local Council and Mrs Dillon is a GP, both have good salaries and good Pensions with their employers. They own a beautiful home they’ve cherished for decades, which has Luckly increased in Value over the last 10 yrs The Dillons they have a very low mortgage and apart from small credit card debts they have no major outgoings. but they were facing a unique challenge. Their only Daughter had recently got married and now needed a larger home for her expanding family. The Dillons wanted to provide financial support to help their children purchase a bigger home while also supplementing their own retirement income.

The Challenge:

The Dillons wanted to maintain their comfortable lifestyle, which included travel, leisure activities, and helping their grandchildren with education expenses. Simultaneously, they were determined to provide their children with the funds needed to secure a more spacious home for their growing family. With both of them having Good salaries and Good Pension in place, they were seeking a solution that allowed them to achieve both goals.

The Solution:

After consulting with a trusted mortgage advisor, the Smiths discovered that Retirement-Interest Only (RIO) mortgages could offer a balanced solution. The mortgage advisor took into consideration the Dillons present income and their potential Retirement incomes and worked out the maximum Remortgage available

So With an RIO mortgage, they could release a portion of their home equity, providing the funds required to support their children’s home purchase. Meanwhile, they could continue to make manageable monthly interest only payments, ensuring their own financial stability in retirement. The mortgage advisor took into consideration the Dillons present income and their potential Retirement incomes.

The Outcome:

The Dillons decided to move forward with an RIO mortgage, which not only helped their children secure a bigger home but also provided financial flexibility for their retirement. Here’s what they achieved:

  • Provided financial assistance to their children to buy a more spacious home, ensuring their family’s comfort and well-being.
  • Continued traveling to their dream destinations without budget constraints.
  • Created a fund for their grandchildren’s education, securing their future.
  • Maintained their home’s upkeep and made necessary improvements for a comfortable retirement lifestyle.
  • Enjoyed their hobbies and leisure activities without compromise.

The Dillons s’ story shows how RIO mortgages can help address multiple financial goals simultaneously, from supporting their children’s dreams to preserving their present financial security and peace of mind in retirement.

Are you ready to explore how an RIO mortgage could help you achieve your unique objectives, just like the Dillons? Contact us today for personalized guidance and to discover the possibilities for your RIO journey.

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