Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) Mortgages

Whether you’re a parent looking to assist your child in their homeownership aspirations or a duo planning for a shared home , JBSP mortgages offer a powerful tool to achieve your goals.

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What exactly is a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgage?

A Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor or JBSP mortgage is a unique arrangement where two or more parties’ team up to secure a mortgage, while only one of them becomes the property’s sole owner. It’s often used when one person income is not enough to secure a Mortgage and both incomes are needed to qualify for the mortgage.

Can my parents help me get a mortgage?

Yes, most certainly your Parents can help you to get a Mortgage

How can my Parents help me get a Mortgage?

There are 2 main ways your parents could help you get a mortgage:

  • Depending on your parents Income , the size their mortgage and debts, a lender could combine your parents income with yours to help increase your Borrowing Power. This means you could borrow more than if you applied individually. This is called a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgage
  • Parents helping with mortgage deposit, so your parents could help you by providing you with money to increase the amount of deposit. Which could help you with buying a bigger property

Could I qualify for a JBSP mortgage?

Yes, it is just like any other mortgage. As long as you are:

  • Earning an Income
  • Have a deposit.
  • Have family relative or even a friend who earns an income.
  • Have a reasonable credit history (differs from lender to lender)
You could qualify for a JBSP Mortgage. Get in touch to find out your options

What are the advantages of a JBSP mortgage?

Think of a JBSP mortgage as a financial strategy. It allows:

It allows you to combine your income with your co-borrowers to boost your mortgage Affordability making it easier to qualify for a larger mortgage amount than you might have been eligible for individually. Meanwhile, the property’s ownership remains with one person. So This arrangement could be advantageous for potentially securing a larger mortgage amount with the help of others while keeping the Home ownership in your name

By having one person as the sole proprietor, JBSP mortgages can simplify inheritance planning. The property’s ownership can be more easily passed on to heirs according to your wishes.

How does property ownership work with JBSP mortgages?

In a JBSP mortgage, one borrower assumes sole ownership of the property and is on the property deeds, while all borrowers are on the Mortgage application and are collectively responsible for mortgage repayments. Legal agreements define these roles and responsibilities clearly and all the co borrowers are required to take individual Legal Advice. This provides robust legal protection to each individual borrower throughout the term of their mortgage.

Who can be a Co Borrower?

Different lenders have different rules some lender but the General List is 

  • Parents, 
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Grandparents
  • Aunties & Uncles
  • Friends

How many Co borrowers can I have?

Again, different lender have different rules from a Max of 4 people with some lenders …with other allowing a max of 6 people

How does a JBSP mortgage handle changing circumstances?

Life is unpredictable, and whilst you may have a solid plan is essential, JBSP mortgage holders should consider potential changes like relationship breakdowns or one of the borrowers facing financial issues. However, lenders have considered this and if remaining Borrowers can afford the ongoing Mortgage they could allow Borrowers to leave the Mortgage arrangement … think of this as an Ejector seat option. Depending on your plans and Future Income potential You could even plan the exit of your Co borrowers at the Application stage. We can assist you in forming these contingency plans and Exit strategies.

How is affordability assessed in JBSP mortgages?

Just like any other Mortgage a JBSP Lender will.

  • Evaluate the combined income of all Borrowers. 
  • Consider the Expenditure of All borrowers. Take into consideration Existing Mortgages and Credit commitment.
  • Undertake Credit Checks on all borrowers.


They will use all of the above to assess your mortgage affordability and the amount you can borrow

So, put simply everybody is subject to the same credit checks, eligibility criteria, and evidence requirements as a normal mortgage.

Is it possible to change the sole proprietor in the future?

Altering the sole proprietor of a property under a JBSP mortgage is doable but intricate. It would involve legal and financial complexities that will need to be considered and consultation with professionals before proceeding would be recommended.

What risks should I be aware of with JBSP mortgages?

While JBSP mortgages offer benefits, they also carry risks.

  • Financial Difficulties: If the sole owner encounters financial difficulties and defaults on the mortgage, it can impact the credit scores and financial well-being of all borrowers.
  • Relationship Dynamics: JBSP mortgages are often used within family relationships like parents helping their children. However, changes in relationships can lead to potential conflicts or challenges in how the property and mortgage responsibilities are managed.
  • Limited Future Borrowing: If one borrower already has a significant mortgage under a JBSP arrangement, it could impact their ability to secure additional credit or mortgages in the future due to the shared financial responsibility.
  • Unequal Ownership Benefits: The sole proprietor of the property benefits from ownership perks, like potential capital gain in the property. Other borrowers, despite contributing financially to the mortgage, will not enjoy these benefits as they are not on the Deeds of the Property

How do I select the most fitting JBSP mortgage?

Choosing the right JBSP mortgage requires careful consideration of interest rates, terms, fees, and lender-unique requirements. Each JBSP lender’s Criteria is unique so engaging a mortgage advisor can simplify the process and help you make an informed decision.

Case Study: Sukhi’s Path to Homeownership with a JBSP Mortgage

Background: Sukhi Smith is a 26-year-old professional who has been renting an apartment for several years. She works for a small but successful Law firm and She’s determined to become a homeowner and build equity for her future. Sukhi’s parents, John and Lisa Smith, want to support her in this journey. While Sukhi has a stable job, her limited Deposit & credit history presents a challenge in securing a mortgage on her own. John & Lisa both have good Jobs and no outstanding Mortgage or credit Commitments.

Challenge: Sukhi’s dream of homeownership is hindered by her Low income & limited Deposit. Sukhi is looking for a way to purchase a home that’s within her budget and combine her income with her Parent’s income to increase her Mortgage Borrowing Capacity.

Solution: Sukhi and her parents explore the option of a Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgage. This arrangement allows Sukhi to utilize her parents’ strong credit and financial standing along with their Income to qualify for a Larger Mortgage, all while having her as the property’s sole owner.

Steps Taken:

  1. Mortgage Consultation: Sukhi and her parents consult with a mortgage advisor who specializes in JBSP mortgages. The advisor helps them understand how this arrangement can benefit Sukhi’s homeownership goals.
  2. Ownership Structure: Sukhi decides to be the sole owner of the property, and her parents, John and Lisa Smith, become co-borrowers on the mortgage. This ensures that Sukhi reaps the benefits of potential property appreciation.
  3. Mortgage Application: All parties provide their financial information for the mortgage application. Sukhi’s income is £40,000 per year, and her parents’ combined income is £90,000 per year. Normally Sukhi would only Qualify for a Mortgage of £160000, however in a JBSP Application based on their combined income The family qualifies for a mortgage of £400,000.
  4. Legal Agreements: The family engages a lawyer to draft legal agreements outlining ownership details, financial responsibilities, and contingency plans. These agreements provide clarity for future scenarios, such as selling the property or changing ownership.
  5. Mortgage Approval: With the combined financial strength of Sukhi and her parents, they secure a mortgage of £400,000, along with her Deposit of £60,000 helps her to buy a property for £460,000.


Sukhi successfully becomes a homeowner, owning the property she lives in. The JBSP mortgage arrangement allows her to get onto the Property Ladder earlier in her career than she could have on her own.

Long-Term Benefits:

  • Equity Accumulation: Sukhi starts building equity from a young age, setting her on a path of financial security and home ownership.
  • Independent Ownership: Despite her parents’ support, Sukhi remains the sole owner of the property.
  • Parental Support: John and Lisa help Sukhi achieve her goal without directly owning the property, allowing Sukhi to establish her financial independence.

In this scenario, the JBSP mortgage enabled Sukhi Smith to secure a home valued at £400,000, with her parents’ co-borrowing support. This case illustrates how a JBSP mortgage can empower young individuals to become homeowners, utilizing their own income and the financial stability of their parents to secure a mortgage and a place to call their own.

Note that all applicants, including co- borrowers, are liable for the full mortgage repayment.

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