NHS Mortgages

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NHS Mortgages 

There is no exact product as an NHS Mortgage.

Getting a mortgage for anybody can be a stress full and time consuming task. Without a doubt it is even more so for NHS Mortgages. With all the additional hours and rota changes, you can be left with no time to look after your personal affairs. 

To make your NHS Mortgage search a little less stressful we are able to accommodate the Mortgage process to fit in with your rota. Meaning we can hold Zoom meeting late at night, even on Saturday or Sundays.

We believe knowing you have options to help you become a home owner is incredibly important, especially as NHS staff. Although it may feel daunting, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer, there’s lots of information available to help you make the right decision and we are here to guide you along your journey.

What is an NHS Mortgage?

The term is best used to describe Specialist Mortgage Brokers who have the expertise and access to Lenders. This allows them to tailor their offering to the needs of NHS Employees.

So a NHS Mortgage Broker will have a selection of competitive Lenders that understand all the different complications of being Employed by NHS. This will help pin point the right lender for your circumstances.

Types of NHS staff

To be classed as NHS Staff. Broadly speaking you should be employed by one of the following:

Can you get a Mortgage as a NHS Bank staff ?

NHS staff banks play a key role in supporting the NHS to maintain high standards of patient safety and care. We can use Bank staff Salary towards affordability as long as it is regular ie, monthly and over a sustained period of time. If you have been a Bank Nurse over the last 3 years you will find some lender could require to assess your P60 and average your earnings over the previous 2 years.

Do NHS Staff get discount?

NHS would get the same discount as anybody else, and if you are using one of the Govt scheme’s i.e. Help to BuyShared Ownership, then you could get support from the Government in the form of Deposit.

Types of NHS Income considered

Employed PAYE

A vast bulk of the NHS staff are employed and any Lender will assess your affordability by reviewing your income

So, the Lenders we use for our NHS Mortgages will consider all of your PAYE income as per your Payslip. This could be made up of the following:

  • Basic Pay
  • Pay for additional hours above 40:
  • Enhanced pay
  • Weekend allowance
  • On-call availability supplement:
  • London weighting:
  • Flexible Pay Premia

However, bear in mind that any allowances used towards Affordability need to be of a regular nature and be showing on your Payslips.

Locum work

We understand that a vast majority of hospital doctors will also do Locum work at various GP practises. Lender will take this into consideration as long it is regular and can be proven through your payslips. Unfortunately, doing a few hours for a couple of months a year will not count.


Some NHS employed consultants will also have private practise and may choose to set themselves up as a Ltd Company, Partnership or LLP. If you are using this income in your affordability, then any Lender will need to see the latest Accounts.

We can help NHS Consultants.

What type of NHS Mortgages are available?

NHS staff will have access to all of the normal mortgage plus some lenders that you will not have heard off. Trawling through all of the lenders and doing your research can take a lot of work and through no fault of your own you still might get it wrong. By using a broker like us, who specialise in mortgages for NHS staff instead, you can save a lot of stress and time.

So the good news is NHS staff have access to the huge range of mortgage products available.

How much can you borrow on NHS Mortgages?

Applying for an NHS mortgage is the same as applying for a standard mortgage. The amount you can borrow will be determined by your affordability in general lenders will lend 4.5 X Income less your Debts. However we do have access to lender that will look at 5.5 x Income for specific NHS professions that are Qualified and Registered with the GMC.

To assess how much you can borrow and how much you’ll be paying back, you will undergo a quick affordability test. We will look at your NHS pay band your latest Payslip, outgoings, and your age.

As with all mortgages your monthly payments will be based on how much you borrow, the length of time you’re borrowing for and the interest rate you have agreed on.

So call us on 03300434317 for a non-obligation chat to discuss your NHS Mortgage needs.

Mortgage for Nurses with Bad Credit

We understand that sometimes some life events happen that can give you a Bad credit File. We have lenders that will look at Bad credit Mortgages for NHS Staff for more info read

Bad credit mortgages

What our NHS customers say

DR. J. S. Trivedi

December 2022

Very professional, extremely knowledgeable and efficient. I have used their services for years and they have provided very valuable professional advice.

Emily Foggin

August 2023

Harvey is very experienced and has an extremely efficient team. Nothing is too much trouble and he helped us navigate our first mortgage and all of the dramas around it!

Mohamedsuhel Chagani

February 2023

We had the pleasure of working with Harvey who helped us get our mortgage, insurance policies and estate planning. Harvey is fact based, very approachable and friendly. We would highly recommend him.

Hafiz Abdul Basit

January 2023

Excellent service by Harvey.
Being a doctor it was very difficult for me to get into my first mortgage and Harvey guided me through the whole process very professionally and patiently. I would strongly recommend him if you need to speak to honest and trust worthy people.

Dr Vikash Patel

November 2022

Fantastic service from Harvey and Jake, second to none! Have been approachable and committed to delivering a service to suit our needs. Well done!

Dr Dennis Phang

December 2022

Thank you so much Harvey for helping us with our remortgage. Harvey has been accommodating to my needs especially as I work long hours as a doctor and found it quite difficulty to arrange a call during office hours. Harvey was able to accommodate to this and his expertise is well appreciated.

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