What are specialist mortgages?

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What are Specialist Mortgages?

There is no exact product as a specialist Mortgage.

Specialist Mortgages is a Mortgage with more flexible criteria for a range of circumstances. The last few years have brought about quite a few changes to our lives. To name a few:

  • Covid 19 Pandemic – changing the way we socialise in work
  • Section 144 – changing the tax regime for buy to Let Landlords
  • The Grenfell Tower fire – putting the spotlight on inadequate fire safety

Unfortunately, such changes have created more hurdles for people looking to purchase a property. Sometime you will find the Mortgage you need cannot be obtained for a coventunal high street bank. It could be your:

In some cases it could be a mixture of the above . This is when you need a Specialist Mortgage Lender who understand the quirks and nuances of your case. 

As a Specialist Mortgage Broker we have access to Lenders who do not use one size fits all approach and are also in a privileged position to know which lenders will bend their criteria to accommodate your application. 

This is our ‘Bread and Butter’, we know what’s available and who is doing what. Get in touch to discuss all your Specialist Mortgage needs, from Buy to Lets, Limited Company and NHS.

How are Specialist Mortgages different to normal Mortgages?

There is no difference between Specialist mortgages and normal Mortgages, it is a term used by certain Lenders who are more flexible and accommodating in the Lending critiea. 

What we can help you with

Specialist Residential Mortgages

A lot of high street Lenders have a ‘One size fits all’ approach that won’t accommodate for everyones circumstances. As Specialist Mortgage Brokers we can help you find you a Lender works with your needs. 

Specialist Buy to Let Mortgage Broker

Due to the huge increased interest in this section of the market, it has undoublty become an acceptable part of peoples invest strategy. 

However to meet the demands, the number of Lenders has increased exponentially, meaning this is no longer an area for DIY. 

To discuss Portfolio Landlord  and Limited Company BTL Mortgages get in touch to go through your needs in more detail. 

Self-Employed Specialist Mortgage Brokers

As we have seen, the latest Covid-19 Pandemic has created as huge influx of Self-Employed people all on a variety of new types of contracts. Unfortunately your standard Mortgage Lenders have not been able to keep up the pace with these new forms of employment ie, Zero Hour Contracts. As Specialist Self-Employed Mortgage Brokers we can help you. 

NHS Specialist Mortgages

Generally speaking there is no product ‘NHS Mortgages’, however there are some Brokers who have a better understanding of this area than others ie; experience working with Locums, Bank Nurse and Consultants. 

We have experience dealing with all types of NHS workers and ‘NHS Mortgages‘ 

Why Us
our Mortgage Butler service
  • Help you to collate all of the documents you will need to apply for a mortgage

  • Complete and submit your application

  • Handle all the enquiries by the Mortgage Lender

  • Liaise with your Estate Agent

  • Help you to nominate a good & competitive solicitors

  • Work with all the parties to get you to Mortgage completion

  • Keep in touch with you on a yearly basis and help with your future needs

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